PUBG dips below a million day by day gamers for the primary time in over a 12 months

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PUBG dips below a million day by day gamers for the primary time in over a 12 months

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to teem with people making an attempt to feed their families with enjoyable hen dinners, however the day gone by it dipped beneath 1,000,000 daily players for the primary time in just over a yr, based on numbers from SteamDB.

The dip didn’t come out of the blue. PUBG’s numbers had been slowly declining considering the fact that its 3.2 million peak initially of the yr. Decline most likely oversells it. throughout the year it’s jumped around, although every height is customarily smaller than the closing. Even when it went beneath 1,000,000 avid gamers the day prior to this, 960,000 people is still a substantial number, together with over 90,000 americans watching on Twitch.

As Eurogamer points out, the day past additionally noticed the appearance of Black Ops 4’s very personal combat royale mode, Blackout, at least in beta kind. That changed into completely for playstation 4 pre-orders, although, so while it could have contributed to the numbers, I’m no longer satisfied it became the main rationale. It’s been teetering simply above one million daily gamers for many of the last month.

competitors from Fortnite is a tons extra obtrusive cause, together with a slew of imitators and other combat royales which could not make a contribution a good deal on my own, but together were tempting away a bit of PUBG’s audience. 2018 has also been a banner yr for games. huge games that swallow up months at a time. The competitors for our consideration spans has infrequently been this ferocious.

PUBG Corp is making an attempt to “repair PUBG” within the face of this competitors, although officially it’s since the developer feels that it hasn’t met expectations. This turned into introduced last month, youngsters, and isn’t a response to the day before  today’s numbers. every time big video games initiate to dwindle, I at all times consider about World of Warcraft. It shed half of its subscribers in five years, but continues to loom huge over every different MMO. chook dinners doubtless aren’t going to exit of trend any time soon.

had been you hooked on PUBG before relocating onto greener pastures? inform us the record of your exodus in the comments. Enter caption

participant Unknown Battlegrounds has turn into a worldwide phenomenon in view that its unlock in 2016 for workstation. This foremost success has resulted in PUBG Corp releasing the game for different platforms. these days the video game left the beta version for Xbox one which Microsoft celebrated by way of releasing PUBG themed Controller for Xbox. The online game additionally crossed a hundred million downloads for the mobile version of the online game in the span of just 4 months which is a extremely short period of time for such a big landmark.

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The Franchise has now get a hold of another edition of cell PUBG which is called PUBG Lite which is centered in opposition t lessen budget phones. The online game has only been launched in Philipines as of now and is anticipated to hit the world market after some testing.

PUBG cell has now started to dig deeper into the competitive scene with Tencent these days releasing ‘player smartly generic’ event. The game has now partnered with cell Giants Oppo to deliver the primary fundamental event for the Indian Subcontinent.

The tournament is referred to as ‘PUBG mobile Campus Championship 2018’ and may have a unbelievable prize pool of 50 Lakhs INR. The event is unique for school college students so we can cowl a thousand schools around 30+ cities.

The prize can be given for following achievements-

MVP – general most beneficial participant with a highest number of MVP awards.

The Executioner – Awarded for maximum kills common.

The Medic – Awarded for the maximum number of revives.

The Redeemer – Awarded to the player with the maximum volume of health restored.

 The Rampage Freak – Awarded for optimum kills in a single lobby.

The Lone ranger – Awarded for max Time Survived in video game.

The tournament will run from September 26 to October 21 with finals to be held in Bangalore. fascinated gamers can head over to the reputable web page of PUBG mobile for more details and registration.

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PUBG cell v0.eight.0 provides Sanhok map, new automobiles, and extra [APK Download]

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PUBG dips below a million day by day gamers for the primary time in over a 12 months

You can’t get Fortnite on the Play save, however that you may get PUBG cellular. The game that begun the fight royale craze is getting an update on Android to v0.8.0, and or not it’s a huge one. there is a new map, new automobiles, clan perks, and a good deal more. we have additionally acquired the APK in case you do not want to watch for the Play shop rollout.

here’s the full changelog for the new edition.

New Map: Sanhok

Sanhok can be downloaded independently, so enter  the online game and get it correct away to be a part of your friends within the rainforest!

It additionally comes with new weapons and cars:

Flare Gun: a infrequent merchandise that calls an excellent air drop if used inside the Playzone, and a Bulletproof UAZ if used outside the Playzone.


  • QBZ: an automatic rifle that fires 5.56mm rounds. Has each single shot and whole-auto.
  • Duckbill: an attachment for shotguns. cuts vertical unfold and raises horizontal unfold.
  • Muscle motor vehicle: four seats, and has each a tough-top and a convertible version.
  • Bulletproof UAZ: four seats. got from using the Flare Gun backyard the Playzone.
  • Customizable choose-up Settingschoose-up portions can now be special in settings.
  • Achievementsbrought more achievements. Now will also be discovered beneath Missions.
  • ClansClan Perks: after getting particular objects via purchase or success, the gadget will award a specific amount of UC for players to share it with different Clan participants.
  • New Clan titles will also be geared up after purchase.
  • Clan Rankings: now lists essentially the most lively Clans this week and this season.
  • Anti-cheating Measuressuperior recognition of dishonest plug-ins.
  • introduced record buttons to Spectator Mode, simple information and results.
  • Dismantling Time-confined objectsTime-confined gadgets can now be dismantled to BP without delay.
  • progress Missionsdelivered a assemble All button to bring together rewards of all completed missions.
  • Royale flowintroduced new mission kinds to make progression more enjoyable.
  • fortunate Air reducesopportunity to get a secret drop after a fit. Contents are customized!
  • Season informationSeason web page now shows all seasons performed and principal facts corresponding to season titles, the highest tier reached and extra.
  • The update turned into no longer alleged to roll out formally unless tomorrow, nonetheless it looks the Play save unencumber is already underway. You doubtless might not see it are living, yet, but we recognize what’s protected. the new map will doubtless be the biggest attraction—it’s a jungle surroundings with loads of cowl. New vehicles include a bulletproof offroad car known as the UAZ, and there is a snazzy muscle motor vehicle in case you wish to experience around in trend sans bullet insurance plan.The video game replace will be are living on the Play store quickly, but the new version is already up on APK replicate if you don’t are looking to wait.


PUBG Snow Map Dihor Otok receives New photo; information Mining exhibits New game Mode, night more and more

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PUBG dips below a million day by day gamers for the primary time in over a 12 months

PUBG is quickly going to receive numerous additional content in the near future, and a few of it has been leaked online via statistics mining.

The largest new addition coming within the close future for PUBG is a brand new snow map called Dihor Otok. a brand new photograph of the map surfaced on-line during the past few hours, highlighting one of the vital map’s aspects of activity such as the Cosmodrome, town and extra. The map is apparently going to release this winter.

PUBG is also going to be getting a brand new play mode known as Conquest, the place players will need to trap a definite area. evening Mode is additionally, curiously, coming.

final week, the PUBG pc 1.0 update #21 has been launched on the examine server, introducing great of existence advancements as neatly as the practicing Mode and more.


MIC examine UIUX: delivered the skill to look at various your MIC enter inside the video game

bug Fixes

UIUX #02: fastened the situation the place, after connecting the XBOX controller to the notebook, the drop-down menu would now not seem to select the reason for reporting on the results display.personality place #01: fixed the difficulty where the place of the persona who boarded a motor vehicle is fastened at a extremely abnormal spotCHARACTER place #02: fastened the subject of the character being proven in a distinct area.CLONING: fastened the challenge when a personality is relocating by way of car, the personality is created in a unspecific locationWEAPON RENDERING #01: fastened the situation the place the weapon is proven in a different position than where the character is preserving itWEAPON RENDERING #02: fixed challenge the place the weapon of the adult being spectated isn’t rendered, inflicting a problem when this weapon goes into adverts #02: fastened the challenge the place the digital camera zooms in when drawing near a corpse whereas mendacity downCAMERA #03: fastened the problem the place the digital camera temporarily zooms out and in when approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable.SANHOK fix #04: fastened the problem where, on the Sanhok map, the character every now and then falls from the sky when headquartered at the very conclusion of the ocean.BLUEZONE UI: fixed the problem the place the Bluezone timer UI from time to time decreased by means of 2 secondsUNDERWATER ANIMATION: fixed the difficulty where the character is proven choppy from desirable to backside when underwater and unable to move to dry land as a result of the terrain.UAZ damage TAKEN: fixed the situation where you on occasion obtained more harm comparatively to different vehicles when driving a UAZ and colliding with a landmark.

New feature: practicing Mode

brought a practicing Mode where you can apply all facets of PUBG gameplayThe training Mode map is 2×2 in sizeYou can join via matchmaking via clicking on the “training Mode” button in the foyer.When there are more than 5 avid gamers within the matchmaking queue, the session will start automatically. avid gamers will continue to be a part of initiate sessions for up to five minutes after they commence. Up to twenty per sessionIf there are lower than 5 avid gamers within the matchmaking queue, matchmaking will proceed for 5 minutesIf there are still below 5 players after 5 minutes, the session will begin with the customary variety of players existing and different avid gamers cannot join the sessionmplete play time is half-hour e.g. in case of quantity 2, where you instantly enter a session, you have got 5 minutes where different gamers can be part of the session + standard working towards mode enjoying time of 25 minutesavid gamers can not drop below 1hp in practicing mode

New Weapon: MK47 Mutant

introduced a new AR weapon: the MK47 MutantMK47 Mutant may also be received on all maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok via world spawnMK47 Mutant is an AR weapon the use of 7.62mm bullets and has a 20 circular capacity, which may also be upgraded to 30 rounds with a protracted magazine.The Mutant has 2 firing modes: single shot and 2-circular burstAlmost all types of attachments may also be used with the MK47, however has no stock slot

New Sanhok exclusive vehicle: Tukshai

added a new automobile that might be unique to the Sanhok mapThe Tukshai is a 3 person car that substitutes the UAZ, Dacia and MinibusThe Tukshai is slower compared to the outdated vehicles, however matches completely with Sahnok’s atmosphere

deliver system

delivered the deliver device which can provide you a reward in line with accomplished missions and play timeYou can degree up and get rewards if you happen to fill the Survival gauge with survival XPMissions could be refreshed daily and weekly.You earn a reward anytime you profit a survival stage

Restructuring of the BP gadget

previously, we provided BP rewards primarily based most effective on your rating. Now, we’ve restructured the device to bear in mind each play time and ranking.Rewards had been restructured to equalize the alterations in BP effectivity in keeping with taking part in time for each and every Map and Mode.We’ve changed crew rewards to be sharedYou will now not acquire 4 times the BP because you were playing alone in a squad game


delivered a new attachment: the Laser SightBullet unfold is decreased when hip firing and soft-aimingThe Laser Sight suits on weapons with a lower rail slot obtainable, taking up the grip slot.presently, there’s a commonplace problem that the laser effect isn’t displayed in the demise cam or replay. This situation may be resolved quickly.

added the more suitable MarkerPing system first introduced for trying out on the 81 examine server updateUsing ALT + Mouse wheel click on, that you could create a marker the place you are aiming on the compass at the right of the display no longer seen on the planetYou may additionally trade the key bindings freely in optionsAll group contributors can see this marker on the compassAfter atmosphere the marker, there is a 2 2nd cooldown before you could mark againThe marker on the compass will instantly disappear after 5 secondsWhen the ping markers overlap, the closest discovered marker might be shown on accurate.stronger the visuals for blue zone effectsBluezone consequences are now shown extra evidently.whereas the Bluezone is closing in, it should be less complicated to see from a longer distance than beforeBluezone effects appeared in a different way reckoning on the map and weather. We’ve stronger this in order that the Bluezone impact is visually identical in all situations.


delivered an choice to assess state of Voice Chat enter in settingsYou can examine it at: Settings > Sound > Voice Chat class

brought a network suggestions characteristic that can screen Ping, connection pace, packets, and packet loss.This should be discovered in the exact left of the display.that you would be able to change the settings to OnOff at Settings > Gameplay > UI > network debug statisticsImproved the UI menu for look > cloth cabinet, Weapons, GearImprovements made to make numerous objects extra visible.introduced a filter feature on the left of reveal, so that you can filter through definite categoriesAdded a coloured rarity heritage so as to recognize item rarities stronger

UI menu for the store has been improvedYou can now see extra gadgets with the aid of categories and tags ordinarily pageAdded a preview web page for each itemYou can entry it by using clicking the query iconYou can check current promotional item particulars in “Featured” page


superior performance by means of optimizing customer memory useImproved efficiency by way of adjusting on-hit consequences for a variety of materialsImproved shadow rendering performancePartially better the frame hitch that’s caused by texture streaming when relocating on the mapImproved the rendering efficiency of burning motors


better control strategies for the digicam Free digicam observe cameraMade advancements to permit separation of click on and drag when the replay UI appears on the display.When a click is maintained under 0.3 seconds this may be perceived as a “click”, whether it is held longer then the click is perceived as a “drag”.Replay edition has been up to date, replays from outdated updates aren’t any longer playable.

custom suit

added four types of presets for customized matches.average mode45ACP Mode Forty-FiversCrossbow Mode Ghillie Crossingconflict modeOverpowerKit desolate tract KnightsSniperKit One Shot One Killwithin the regular settings, adjusted the ordinary value to “movable” for relocating the player location in the waiting roomAdded a feature to keepcall within the preset settings for fit optionsCan name or shop 10 presets at maximum.brought performance to set passwords for healthy spectating.delivered the option of setting the size for combat crew fightplatoon combat in common mode and conflict mode in SettingsImproved the usability of the FlaregunWhen obtaining the Flaregun, the variety of care programs left might be displayed within the HUD – on desirable of the minimap.When using the Flaregun, the UI shows whether it is feasible to effectively fireplace the FlaregunAdjusted the screen indicating the scope of area for the Flaregun dropRemoved “struggle Royale” alternative in struggle mode – blue zone optionWe’ll improve upon this option and produce it again soon.

trojan horse Fixes

fixed the challenge where, after connecting the XBOX controller to the notebook, the drop-down menu would no longer appear to choose the reason for reporting on the outcomes reveal.fastened the difficulty the place a character on board a car would once in a while be shown as motionless in a extremely distinctive place.fastened the subject the place a personality is every so often shown in a special locationFixed the challenge where a character who’s using in a vehicle is created in an unspecified place.mounted the difficulty the place weapons are sometimes shown in areas different from where the persona is maintaining them.fastened the concern the place the gun of the adult you’re spectating is sometimes no longer rendered, inflicting issues when the gun goes into advertisements mode.mounted the situation the place drawing near a corpse whereas mendacity down might sometimes cause the digital camera to zoom in.fastened the challenge where approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable may every so often cause the camera to temporarily zoom in and out.mounted the challenge the place now and again a personality standing at the very edge of the sea can be shown as falling out of the sky.fixed the difficulty where the Bluezone UI timer occasionally decrements by way of 2 seconds.fastened the issue the place an underwater personality is unable to circulation to land because the terrain is proven as stuttering.fixed the challenge the place colliding with an object while riding in a UAZ offers comparatively extra damage than other automobiles.fastened the concern the place the firing mode of a gun that has been dropped and picked up once again is reset to default settings.fastened the challenge where the AR compensator on the SLR changed into now not reducing the horizontal recoil.fastened the problem the place a character cannot peek while over a gasoline can.mounted the difficulty where frame drop occured when the weather became wet and the personality changed into swimming in the water when the standpoint changed from under to above water.fastened the situation the place the suppressed AKM and Beryl M762 sounded the identical.fixed the subject where characters may pass through a wooden door while riding the scooter.fastened the situation the place players once in a while couldn’t loot items when the item was dropped on stairs or a slope.fixed the concern where the vaulting action became no longer working appropriately with certain building windows in Sanhok.fixed the challenge the place the HP gauge changed into displayed pink in definite situations.mounted the problem the place an afterimage now and again continues to be on other gamers’ reveal when many times armingunarming.

PUBG is now available on notebook and Xbox one among regions.

2018 Asian games: After a historic medal in Sepak Takraw, a glance at the activity’s growth in India

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Asian video games: Indonesia assured silver in sepak takraw men’s quadrant

2018 Asian games: After a historic medal in Sepak Takraw, a glance at the activity’s growth in India

India’s challenge in the Sepak Takraw guys’s team competition on the ongoing Asian video games in Jakarta and Palembang ended by the hands of defending champions Thailand.

The men’s crew Regu crew had created history youngsters, via accomplishing the semi-finals of the competitors. In doing so, the group had won a bronze, the first-ever for the sport in four attempts at the Asian video games.

In what is a sport believed to have originated from Malaysia, India has made swift strides within the contemporary past, coinciding with just a few overseas medals coming the nation’s manner. Curiously, the little-known game exists in pockets of house across the nation where its recognition opponents that of the other sports.

When it began way lower back in 1982, there was barely any enthusiasm for the activity. at the same time as these days as 2006, when India debuted in the activity at the Asian video games, the crew turned into compelled to forfeit considered one of its suits due to the absence of adequate variety of avid gamers.

The origins of the activity co-by the way need to do with the Asiad hosted in New Delhi lower back in 1982, the place Sepak Takraw changed into held as a demonstration sport. “The adventure became held on the Karnail Singh stadium in New Delhi where it become an enormous hit. The prime minister Indira Gandhi become additionally existing as a guest of honour on that occasion,” says Sepak Takraw Federation of India STFI secretary Yogendra Singh Dahiya.

The STFI become fashioned two years later in 1984, run out of a college in Nagpur, with the goal of protecting more competitions. Three years later, the primary-ever Sepak Takraw nationals had been held in Maharashtra.

“Manipur traditionally are the most successful state during this discipline but we are seeing this hegemony breaking down as we see the nation-huge growth of this activity,” says Dahiya.

indeed, Manipur together with Mizoram, Nagaland and materials of new Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have viewed the game flourish. In Delhi, the ‘Majnu ka Tilla’ enviornment close DU’s North Campus sees a bunch of avid gamers go to the Indira Gandhi Stadium to apply and play the activity.

Manipur’s hegemony breaks

Manipur’s dominance within the country wide scene has viewed them ship 14 gamers throughout the men’s and girls’s groups to the Asian games, however the SSB or the Armed Border Forces have challenged the North-eastern state’s grip over the activity.

till date, 27 nationals within the senior category and 22 sub-junior and junior country wide championships had been held in three decades. however the leap forward for Sepak Takraw for India got here when the activities ity of India adopted it in 2000.

The inclusion of the activity on the Manipur country wide games in 1999 and every different nationals considering that, has additionally helped. The inter-college video games additionally blanketed the self-discipline as 5 SAI centres – Delhi, Bareilly, Aizawl, Imphal and Dimapur – now instruct athletes in the activity.

“at that time, the sport was available in certain schools and if you became interested in it, you could compete in it,” talked about teach Hemraj, the head train of the Indian group on the grounds that 2009.

The nationals, which had barely 4 to 5 states collaborating at that time now see illustration from 25 of STFI’s 29 affiliate instruments, says Hemraj, who took up the game in school in 1991, adding the group’s all started collaborating internationally from the 2004 Kings’ Cup, a prestigious competitors in Thailand.

a need for jobs

Bronze medals on the Kings’ Cup and the France Cup, two properly-tier overseas tournaments have helped as has elevated help from the Ministry of early life Affairs and activities MYAS, which supplied financial assistance for camps from 2010 onwards.

In Guangzhou, the guys’s crew misplaced a close-run quarter-finals, inches faraway from a medal and in heon, they accomplished fifth whereas the girls entire eighth. In between the Sepak Takraw World sequence turned into held in India, which saw them assume a set off Malaysia for the primary time in the semis earlier than losing, however earned a bronze for their efforts.

India also held the once-in-four years World Cup in Telengana, which saw the contingent finish with a bronze in 2017 so as to add to the silver that the group received at the Asian Sepak Takraw Championships in 2017.

The team that won bronze on the Asian games had two ancient-timers in KH Niken and Sandeep Kumar making their third games look however most of the squad is younger, explains Dahiya.

“as a result of the lack of employment opportunities, i can’t ask my players to forego their careers to continue. one in every of my promising gamers is a daily wage labourer in Kohima and i even offered him funds to return coach, but there is not any return,” Dahiya laments.

simplest the SSB, Manipur and Andhra Pradesh governments offer jobs to Sepak Takraw gamers who in any other case have the choice of joining as coaches in SAI like Hemraj. Jobs, Dahiya argues, will attract and preserve desirable talent in the sport.

reliable focus from the Indian Olympic affiliation IOA also doesn’t appear to be imminent, as STFI is not probably the most forty eight country wide activities Federations NSFs below the IOA. For now, teething complications in the sport continue however this bronze should still convey some a whole lot-deserved cheer to the video game as soon as colloquially called ‘foot-volley’.

Asian games: Sepak takraw earns Indonesia thirty first gold medal

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Asian video games: Indonesia assured silver in sepak takraw men’s quadrant

Asian games: Sepak takraw earns Indonesia thirty first gold medal

The Indonesian sepak takraw’s guys crew introduced the 31st gold medal for the host country within the 2018 Asian video games on Saturday. Indonesia defeated Japan in the men’s quadrant class with 2-1 15-21, 21-14 and 21-sixteen.

The eastern crew of Seiya Takano, Masanori Hayashi, Yuki Sato and Takeshi Terashima bagged the primary set, but after Muhammad Hardiansyah Muliang, Saiful Rijal, Rizky Abdul Rahan Pago and Nofrizal of Indonesia greater their coordination, they secured the 2d and third units.

Sepak takraw has contributed one gold medal, one silver and three bronzes to the Indonesian medal tally.

“I saw Japan employ a technique of two killers on the wings and two feeders to occupy the lead within the first set, however I modified the method in response, and right here we are because the winner,” said Indonesian teach Asry Syam.

Singapore and Vietnam shared bronze in the men’s quadrant class.

In a further in shape, Thailand defeated Vietnam 2-0 21-8, 21-10 in the women’s quadrant ultimate, while the Indonesian girls’s quadrant team shared the bronze medal with Laos.

When asked what the long run had in keep for sepak takraw in Indonesia, instruct Asry mentioned the executive had begun to remove the sport critically and consequently had offered a fantastic environment for the recreation to grow.

“what’s also critical is that the govt is starting to feel concerning the sepak takraw athletes’ future, like their jobs and future profession,” he stated.